Allay® 30 Day Device

Allay® 30 Day Device

Starting at $29.95

Allay® is a safe, drug-free solution to pain and discomfort associated with menstruation.

Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top medical innovations of 2009, Allay® draws on an innovative delivery system which emits low-level energy pulses which quickly relieve edema, inflammation, and pain, providing patient comfort and speeding up the onset of natural healing.

Allay® is recommended by physicians as a safe and effective treatment. In fact, clinical study results show that 77.1% of women using Allay® reported complete elimination or significant reduction in their typical menstrual symptoms.

How to use?

Step one:

Just press button on the back of the device

Place in wrap (included)

Step two:

Position Allay on your body

Place the center of the Allay loop directly over the area of pain and secure the wrap in place with your underwear.

Step three:

Relax and be free

No need to turn off. Allay will work constantly for 5 to 7 days giving either complete elimination or significant reduction in menstrual symptoms.

What's Inside

  1. 1x Allay Single Cycle Device
  2. 2x Thin Cloth Wraps

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